Frequently Asked Questions

These are some frequently asked questions about MiddCreate.

Can I create more than one domain?

No, but you can create a directory or a subdomain, which will function as a separate domain.

A directory looks like this:

Main domain:


A subdomain looks like this:

You will have an option to add a directory or subdomain when you create a MiddCreate site.

Can I keep the site when I graduate?

Your site will be saved for six months after you leave Middlebury/MIIS. After that, you can transfer it to another hosting provider.

What’s the difference between MiddCreate and

A few things. only uses WordPress, whereas MiddCreate can accommodate other applications as well as WordPress. Within WordPress, is more restricted: there are a limited number of themes to choose from, and you can’t install new plugins, which may limit the functionality of your site. You can still build a basic functioning website with, but you can’t use WordPress to its full capacity.

I need help with my MiddCreate website. Can you help me?

Yes! You can make an appointment at the Digital Learning Commons at MIIS or contact the Office of Digital Learning at Middlebury.

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WordPress FAQ

How do I get to the dashboard of my WordPress website?

Great question! You can go straight to, where you can login to your site. You will see this link right after you install WordPress on, and you can go straight to the wp-admin link in the future when you want to edit your WordPress site. (Note: and are separate and won’t take you where you want to go.)

How do I customize the way my website looks?

You can select a theme you like and use the theme options to customize further.

How do I install a theme?

In WordPress, go to Appearance and click on Themes. If you know which theme you want, you can search for it. Otherwise, you can browse through the free themes available. (You can also buy a theme.) When you find one you like, click Install.

Now you can preview what your site will look like with the theme without changing the live theme. When you’re ready, click Apply to change your live theme.

What is a plugin?

A plugin is a WordPress add-on with a specific functionality. For example, a plugin could allow you to include a contact form on your website, or to display your Instagram feed in the sidebar. Plugins exist for just about everything. Some of them are free, and others you have to pay for, just like with themes. Before you download a plugin, make sure to look at its rating and if it has been updated recently to screen for quality.

Here are some of the most popular WordPress plugins.

You can find more WordPress resources here.