What Applications Can I Install on MiddCreate?

Apps for Community Building

Community Building includes forum systems (also known as bulletin boards), guestbooks, and mailing list applications.

Apps for Content Management

Content Management Systems (CMS) are applications designed to manage dynamic content for websites. 

 Apps for e-commerce and business

Web based business applications include e-commerce systems (also known as shopping carts) for managing sales websites, Customer Relationship Managers (CRM), customer support systems, and project managers. 

(Note: You are not allowed to make money from a MiddCreate site, but you can try out the e-commerce apps to see how they work.)

Apps for Photos and Files

Photos and Files includes image galleries and other applications that assist in the management of website images, music, videos, and other multimedia.

Apps for Surveys and Statistics

Surveys and Statistics includes different statistical applications that enable website traffic to be monitored and analyzed, and polling and survey applications can be used to query the views of website visitors.

Miscellaneous Apps

Contact forms, clocks, e-cards, URL shorteners, and other novel applications.

More information (including how to install applications) here

What else can I install on MiddCreate?

Files, databases, metrics, and a lot more. See more here.