THE MISSION OF MIDDCREATE is to provide spaces on the web where students, faculty, and staff can explore and connect their learning, experiment with digital tools for teaching and learning, and create a digital identity that is owned and managed by them, to take with them when they leave Middlebury.

MIDDCREATE PROVIDES SUBDOMAIN NAMES and web space to members of the Middlebury community, encouraging individuals to explore and develop their digital identities using tools such as WordPress, Omeka, Media Wiki, Known, and more. MiddCreate supports an individual’s agency in creating their digital identity through processes of reflection, self-expression, and connection to other learners and experts.

Use the following instructions to get started on MiddCreate

Click on Dashboard at the top of this page.

Log in. You must use your email address, (not “,” even if you are part of the MIIS community) and your email password.

Choose a subdomain name. This can be anything. Generally, to be professional, it is, or something similar.

On the dashboard that comes up, click on the icon at the top upper left, Home.

If you want to install WordPress on your main domain

Go down to the Web Applications section and click Installatron Applications Installer.

Find WordPress, either by searching for it, or by scrolling down to Apps for Content Management, and clicking on WordPress.

Choose the button, Install this application.

Most of the default settings can stay the same, but we recommend keeping the Directory field blank.

Also, scroll down to the settings section and change the following:

  • Administrator Username: anything you want and can remember. This is what you’ll use to log into your new wordpress site from now on.
  • Administrator Email: I’d recommend changing this back to if that is your normal email address.
  • Website Title: Whatever you want your site to be called. This can be changed later in the wordpress dashboard.
  • Website Tagline: Whatever you want as a sub-title/tagline of your site. This can be changed later in the wordpress dashboard.
  • Under Advanced Setting Management, you might want to change the Email notifications, or you could be bombarded with emails you don’t really want, but otherwise you can leave this section alone.

Click Install.

Then you’ll see a section with your new WordPress Install, and 3 links.

  1. The first is the link to your new site. It is live, and is auto-populated with some default content.
  2. The second is the link to log into your new site, with the username and password from above that you just set up. If you make note of this link (bookmark it), you might never have to come back to this particular dashboard in the cpanel of MiddCreate. You can—it’s always an option, and we hope you’ll take more advantage of having access to the cPanel—but you don’t necessarily have to.
  3. The third is a general support link for all questions dealing with WordPress in general.

Log into your new WordPress dashboard and make whatever customizations and edits to your site that you want.