THE MISSION OF MIDDCREATE is to provide spaces on the web where students, faculty, and staff can explore and connect their learning, experiment with digital tools for teaching and learning, and create a digital identity that is owned and managed by them, to take with them when they leave Middlebury.

MIDDCREATE PROVIDES SUBDOMAIN NAMES and web space to members of the Middlebury community, encouraging individuals to explore and develop their digital identities using tools such as WordPress, Omeka, Media Wiki, Known, and more. MiddCreate supports an individual’s agency in creating their digital identity through processes of reflection, self-expression, and connection to other learners and experts.

Why MiddCreate?

Read more about the philosophy behind Domain of One’s Own from educators at other institutions.

Build a Digital Identity

“Giving students their own digital domain is a radical act. It gives them the ability to work on the Web and with the Web.”

Connect Your Learning

“Students prioritize sharing their learning with one another, metacognition, and digital scholarship.”

Reflect & Catalyze New Ideas

“Fascinating and important innovations would emerge as students are able to shape their own cognition, learning, expression, and reflection in a digital age, in a digital medium.”

Presence, Fluency, and Agency

MiddCreate is more than just a space on the web.

What is Digital Presence?

Your participation on the web matters. “Having one’s own domain means that students have much more say over what they present to the world, in terms of their public profiles, professional portfolios, and digital identities,” writes Audrey Watters. With your own domain, you can share your scholarship, raise awareness about issues that are important to you, and develop an identity that supports your professional, academic, and life goals.

What will you do with your digital presence?

What is Digital Fluency?

To be a digital citizen, you need to acquire and hone skills that will help you not just participate in and consume the web, but also to sustain, evolve, and resist the web. Being an educated person means having the digital fluency to understand the complexities of the web, which are technological, social, cultural, and political. MiddCreate can help you to develop those skills and to ask more critical questions, like,

“What am I doing, and who am I, on the web?”

What is Digital Agency?

Too many of the digital tools we use do not grant us control over our data, what we see (or what algorithms show us), or how we interact with those tools. With your own domain, you can have more agency over what you choose to share with others, including with tech companies, and more control over the tools you use.

You can take everything you create on your domain with you—well beyond your studies at Middlebury.

MiddCreate Project Leaders

Amy Collier

Amy Collier

Associate Provost for Digital Learning, Middlebury

Amy Collier is the Associate Provost for Digital Learning at Middlebury, and she is the champion of the Domain of One’s Own project.

Evelyn Helminen

Evelyn Helminen

Assistant Director for Digital Initiatives, Middlebury Institute

Evelyn is the Assistant Director for Digital Initiatives at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey, and she is the project manager of the Domain of One’s Own project.

Adam Croom

Adam Croom

Director of Digital Learning, University of Oklahoma

Adam Croom is the Director of Digital Learning in the Center for Teaching Excellence at the University of Oklahoma, and is a consultant for the Domain of One’s Own project at Middlebury.

See a showcase of real sites that students, faculty, and staff in the Middlebury Community have made with MiddCreate.

How Do I Use MiddCreate?

Scroll through the following steps to learn how you can use MiddCreate.

1. Log In

Log In ScreenAs a member of the Middlebury community, your subdomain is already waiting for you! All you need is your Middlebury username and password to sign in and choose your domain name.

Choosing your domain name is the first step in getting started with staking your claim on the web. Your domain name is really just a unique Web address that can be used to build out your own digital presence. Your domain will look something like [yourdomain] Have your idea for a domain name ready before you click the link, as that will be the first thing you will be asked for after you log in.

Log in here »

2. Get Familiar With Your Dashboard (cPanel)

MiddCreate cPanelThe MiddCreate cPanel is the mother of all dashboards, and is where you will perform all the work on your domain.

Some of the things you can do here include: manage public and private files; create back-ups; install open-source applications (see step #3); create sub-domains and redirects; and configure security settings.

Learn more about the cPanel here »

3. Add Your Applications and Establish Your Digital Presence

Installatron ApplicationsIn order for anything to show up on your domain, you need to add content. The easiest way to do that is through a web application, which you install through the “Installatron.” There are over 100 applications available to MiddCreate users. Each application comes with its own functionality, editing capabilities, and dashboard.

See this link for explanations and examples of some of the more commonly used applications »

Once your domain is populated and configured to your liking, it’s time to share it and be part of the broader community. You can link up with others who are using MiddCreate, such as classmates or instructors, by exchanging URLs or by adding a syndication feed to automatically share content on each other’s sites.

4. Made Adjustments as You Build Your Digital Fluency

Planting TogetherContinue to refine what you’ve created, and you will gradually master the web tools and technology. You will also learn how publishing on the web can help you to frame an academic and professional identity. As you become more comfortable using your domain, you can add more applications and grow your web presence.

You can also help others do the same, which will result in increased digital fluency and new ideas.

5. Participate in the Community

Watering FlowersThe most exciting part about MiddCreate is that it’s part of a larger “Domain of One’s Own” movement sweeping higher education institutions all over the country, and you are part of it! You can use your digital space to connect your learning across classes and programs, and to connect to other leaners and experts around the globe.

Submit your site to the MiddCreate Community here.

6. Take it With You When You Leave

Plants SproutingThe content you create is yours. You choose what you keep and don’t keep, because you have full digital agency over your work. As a student, faculty, or staff of Middlebury you have access to MiddCreate throughout your time here. When you leave Middlebury, you will need to move anything you built on MiddCreate to another hosting provider or to an individual account on Reclaim Hosting (which is the hosting provider for MiddCreate).

Click here to see instructions on how to migrate your domain.

Starting your own account on MiddCreate is easy! Watch the video to learn how to begin.

Where can I get more help?
  • See Support Documentation

    Includes information about creating your account, setting up applications, managing and migrating your domain, and more.

  • Ask others in the community

    Connect with others via Reclaim Hosting’s community forums, where you can ask questions, learn, and explore.